Charting the Course & Setting Sail: Using iPod Touches in the Elementary Classroom
The iPod touch can be an incredibly powerful learning tool for students of all ages! Come and see how elementary teachers are using itouches to increase student engagement and achievement in literacy and math. During this session we will share lesson ideas and strategies for using the devices with your students.

Session Agenda:


How we got started

How we are using the itouches in our classrooms

Center Exploration

  • Math - Video & Google Survey

  • Math - Evernote

  • Literacy - Voice recording for Fluency

  • Literacy with QR codes

Benefits of using the itouches in our classrooms


For more information about how Angela and Jenny are using the iTouches in their classrooms, visit their class websites.

Jenny Anderson - 1st Grade andrsnclssrm/

Angela Sonntag - 3rd Grade